Since 1959, North Star Fence has provided quality workmanship and customer service!

There are a lot of competitors (and copycat companies) to choose from when buying a fence, so how do you determine what the best value is for YOU? First of all, you should probably check out the company BEFORE you hire them to install your new fence. A lifetime guarantee isn’t any good if the company goes out of business a few years later. It’s even worse if you choose them because they gave you the lowest price bid, but they never show up to do the work.

The Top 10 Reasons customers think North Star Fence is the Best Choice:

  • 1. We have constructed over 21,900 fences since 1959.
  • 2. Your fence will be installed straight, level and strong.
  • 3. All fences are constructed from premium quality materials.
  • 4. We provide a complete tear out, cleanup and haul away.
  • 5. Our foremen all have 20+ years of on-the-job experience.
  • 6. Our installers are employees – NOT subcontractors or day laborers.
  • 7. We set all posts in cement, if they’re not it voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 8. All of our workmanship is GUARANTEED! (and we honor our guarantees).
  • 9. We are accredited and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • 10. More than 30% of our sales come from customers referring us to their friends and neighbors.

See why North Star Fence is the best choice for your hard-earned money:

It’s not everyday you get to see our fence compared side by side to our competitors.

The low-priced quote that the homeowner just couldn’t turn down (Don’t use those guys!)

These guys must have never heard of a level, or concrete for posts.

No concrete used, voids warranty!

Want the Best Deal in Fencing? Choose a Quality Fence and have it Installed Correctly!

North Star Fence uses only the absolute, top-quality materials and installs all their fence posts using concrete.

North Star Fence offers all kinds of options, plus all types of fencing.

Straight, true and strong installations!

North Star vinyl fence with a double wide gate; posts set in concrete.

North Star vinyl privacy fence with side gate.

Chain Link Fences; the DO’s and DON’Ts of proper installation.

North Star, black vinyl, chain link fence with level chain link at top.

The other guy’s chain link runs-over the top.

Don’t pay too much for your new fence; get the most for your money.
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