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Ornamental Metal Fencing is our specialty at North Star Fence Co, Inc.

We love metal ornamental fencing at North Star Fence Company Inc. because they are some of the most beautiful fences that we have ever installed. They have the elegance, class, and style that any homeowner or business person would be proud to have in their yard or around their business property. In addition, these fences are sturdy and long lasting, assuring hassle-free usability for many years to come.

Ornamental fence is the fastest growing fence product in America, and the demand for it just keeps increasing. No other fence product offers the value, strength, security and maintenance-free ownership of an ornamental fence. Ornamental fencing offers strength, security, durability, and is resistant to corrosion. North Star Fence uses only the highest quality products from Ameristar Fence Products.

No other product has stood the test of time like Echelon Plus aluminum fencing from Ameristar Fence Products; we firmly believe that it offers the best quality and performance of any metal fence on the market. Echelon Plus is designed with long-term durability to withstand rigorous environments without fail. The reinforced design significantly increases strength, coupled with an improved post design, powder coated finish, fully welded gates and best of all…it’s made from rust-free aluminum.

We also install Montage steel fencing from Ameristar Fence Products as an additional option for people who need a metal fence with closer spacing between the pickets, or for anyone who has their mind set on having a steel fence.

As the market grows, so does the number of manufactures and choices.

Though there are some very high quality fence products available, there are even more poor products coming to the marketplace all the time. The latest entries into the market are lightweight, low quality products imported from foreign countries like China. Many consumers are falling petty to the lure of extremely low prices, only to discover that the product does not live up to the expectations. The fragile structure, lightweight construction, poor coating and the need for periodic maintenance, far overshadow the cost of cheap material.

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Ornamental Fence
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Types of Metal Ornamental Fences – Aluminum and Steel

The main two types of metal ornamental fencing are aluminum and steel, however for our Minnesota climate we recommend having an aluminum fence installed on your property, simply because aluminum doesn’t rust.

Aluminum Ornamental Fences

We use only Ameristar Echelon Plus in our ornamental aluminum fences. We have been able to purchase this extremely high quality fencing in volume directly from the manufacturer, so we can offer it to you at a lower cost than what our competitor’s charge for steel fencing…a true value for our customer’s. Aluminum is the best type of ornamental fence because aluminum will never rust - while steel will rust over time. Our aluminum fences come with a limited Lifetime Warranty on materials.

Steel Ornamental Fences

Montage Plus is the only ornamental fence in America that offers 100% protection inside and out. Yearly maintenance can be done on the exterior of your fence, but how do you maintain inside where major (total failure) rust problems occur? Inside ground level of post, the underneath side of horizontal rails, and inside the bottom of pickets are the most vulnerable areas for rust.

The high-quality powder coated finish of our ornamental fences insures that there will be no maintenance expenses for years. Montage Plus steel fence has a 20-year material warranty. No other steel ornamental fence offers this level of protection and peace of mind.

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